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Born in 2010, I am a positive and outgoing racer who had my first contact with karting at the age of 3,5. I learned the sport in the club meetings at Kankaanpää UA and I also had my first racing experiences in the Western Finland Cup in 2017. The "real life" racing started with Cadet in 2018.  


My goal is to drive karting in a relaxed but constantly improving way. To go as far in motorsport as my skills and other resources allow. I wouldn't mind being involved in such a great sport in some way as an adult. The whole family is enthusiastic and the hobby has also brought a lot of good friends. The sport also teaches resilience and the ability to deal with disappointment. Of course, those successes help you to keep going.


The 2022 season will be filled with Rotax MiniMax and  Mini60 Finnish Championship races. The rest of my time will be spent with hockey, skiing, e-motorsport (@foracer) and cocker spaniel Senna.  



Miro in a nutshell:

Name: Miro Leskinen

Year of birth: 2010

Nationality: Suomi Finland

Home town:  Kankaanpää

Club: KankUA, Kankaanpään UrheiluAutoilijat

Team: JTL Racing



The season has started with RMC CEE races in Jesolo, Italy and Bruck, Austria. In Finland, I will drive RMC races in Junior category. The aim is to do as well as possible and finish in the top positions.


Rotax Mini Max P5/19, moving to a bigger chassie in the middle of the season

SJM Mini 60 P12/37


Rotax MiniMax P4/13

IAME Mini P4/53




Rotax Micro Max category, best result Vantaa P1, overal P5. Regional Championship Raket 95 category P1. One SJM race in the Mini60 category.




Raket 95 Micro category, LänsiSuomiCup, Regional Championship P3.




Cadet category, LänsiSuomiCup P3, Karting Federation series P5, one race victory on the home track in Pesämäki.


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